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Water sports in Kladsko Borderland

      Water sports


A smaller stream rising above the municipality of Jívka u Hodkovic, navigable section from Stárkov (a narrow bed, frequently interrupted by fallen tress and low footbridges), it is better to start off under the road bridge by the Dřevíček mill and end your trip after the road bridge 100 metres before the mouth of the River Metuje. The length of the navigable section from Stárkova is 6 km, from Dřevíček mill 3.5 km, difficulty level WWI, only during the spring thaw or if there is heavy rain, the water level gauge on the river is not monitored, estimated to be navigable with a flow of 3 m3/s.


A river rising in the Adršpach Rocks, runs through the whole Kladské pomezí (Kladsko Borderland) region, technically demanding rapids “Peklo” in the Bražec u Náchoda - Nové Město nad Metují section, 10 km, difficulty level WWI - WWII+. Navigable at 60 cm showing on the water level gauge in Nové Město nad Metují, lower section Nové Město nad Metují - Jaroměř navigable all year round thanks to the mill flume, limit for the flume 15 cm, for the "new" river 35 cm in Nové Město nad Metují. Note: The mill flume (or Old River) is a very narrow bed with sharp meanders and unexpected obstacles (fallen trees, low footbridges and raceways), it is not suitable for beginners.


A river rising in the Krkonoše, popular water sport section is Havlovice - Ratibořice, 15 km long with a difficulty level of WWI, the limit for navigability is 50 cm on the water level gauge in Slatina nad Úpou, be careful of weirs, the main dangerous and lethal weir is “Viktorčin splav” and the weir at the feeder to Rozkoš dam lake. The lower course from Česká Skalice is mostly navigable all year round, 13 km difficulty level ZWC, limit for navigability 30 cm at the water level gauge in Zlič.

Rozkožský potok

A drainage stream from the Rozkoš dam lake, 3.5 km difficulty level ZWC, limit for navigability is a minimum flow off from the dam lake of 3 m3/s, be careful of the drop and bridge before the mouth into the River Metuje – the narrow and low pillars could cause injury, it is better to finish your trip above or below the drop by the road bridge before Veselice.


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