Regional Council

27. 8. 2019

The executive body of the Region in the field of independent authority is the Regional Council.

Regional Council

  • it is responsible for exercising its authority to the Regional Assembly
  • it can make decisions on issues of their delegated authority only in case it is legally authorized to do so
  • it is comprised of the President of the Region, Deputies and Members of the Regional Council (there are nine Members of the Regional Council in the Hradec Králové Region with 600,000 inhabitants)
  • it has sessions only when it is needed, the meetings of the Council are not open to the public
  • it establishes commissions and boards as its iniciative and consultative bodies
  • (the commissions and boards both submit their proposals and are responsible to the Council)

The President of the Region represents the Region beyond its area. The President can execute no legal act that need to be approved by the Regional Assembly or Regional Council before receiving their necessary approval otherwise such legal acts are not valid right from the beginning.

The President and the Deputies (if the President is absent, they take over his responsibilities, negotiate and decide on his behalf) are elected by the Regional Assembly. They have to be its members. They are responsible for the way they executite their office to the Assembly.